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Recently, a Vietnamese expert openly shouted in the media that if Vietnam had not lost Guangdong as a developed country, its international status would be far beyond today's comparison. This statement made people burst into laughter, not to mention that Vietnam has been a vassal state of China for thousands of years. It is modern and follows China's development model step by step. But from a historical perspective, this small Southeast Asian country is ungrateful and ambitious, which cannot be ignored.



Because now it may just be lustful, and if you fall into trouble, they will come for real. Every time China declines, the most dangerous thing is the seemingly obedient foreign vassals around them. Those who are timid will bite you hard, while those who are brave will dare to enter the house and occupy the nest of magpies.


Nurhaci was originally the most loyal vassal of the Ming Dynasty and a loyal and loyal second level dragon tiger general for generations; Japan was originally the most sincere student in the Central Plains, and the good disciple Tubo, who was taught by Tang from inside out, once knelt and licked Emperor Taizong, begging to marry a princess. The Turks also knelt and licked the Sui Dynasty. Before Liu Yuan's rebellion, he was also a loyal minister of the Jin Dynasty.


In fact, Vietnam became independent during the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, and all the dynasties in Vietnam regarded themselves as the descendants of Nanyue. The last dynasty of Vietnam, the founding monarch of the Nguyen Dynasty, Nguyen Phu ying, unified North and South Vietnam and requested the title of "South Vietnam" from Emperor Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty. The Qing Dynasty ministers believed that Vietnam was coveting Guangdong and Guangxi, and requested that Jiaqing be renamed Vietnam, meaning the southern part of Vietnam.


The Qing Emperor also saw through his intentions at a glance - didn't he just hide his evil intentions and want to cause trouble? Want to inherit the legal system of Nanyue two thousand years ago? What do you want? Vietnam is requested to be granted the title of "South Vietnam", while Jiaqing is renamed as "Vietnam". The reverse order of the two characters of the country name has completely different meanings. This is to tell Vietnam that you are not the successor of Nanyue, but a country in the south of Nanyue. Don't think about Guangdong, Guangxi and Guangxi.


Everyone knows what these regimes have done. Let's talk about the seemingly most submissive North Korea in the past thousand years. How many years did the Korean Peninsula regime occupy Liaodong in its history? They don't have any ideas? Don't forget that South Korea now regards Goguryeo as its authentic ancestor. Although I dare not say anything about the occupation of Liaodong now, I have been staring at Baitou Mountain and Jian Island all day (Jian Island is Yanbian, Jilin, and Koreans have always believed that it is their land, which was sold by Japan to the Qing Dynasty during the Japanese occupation of Korea, and South Korea should recover it).


And today's Little Transparent Nepal in our eyes, few people may know that this brother once invaded Tibet during the Qing Dynasty, occupied Shigatse, and plundered extensively, triggering the Battle of the Qing Dynasty to conquer Nepal. The several Stan states in Central Asia, during the Qing Dynasty, had a Khanate of Kohan, which harassed Xinjiang for over a hundred years.


The group of neighbors around us is a group of things that when you are strong, you bend down and act small, and when you are weak, you all transform into wolves, tigers, and leopards. There is no one in the southeast, northwest, and northwest who is at ease. Everyone wants to bite a piece of meat from you. No way, who let you occupy the best piece of land in East Asia? Who doesn't have red eyes? After much thought, we can only evaluate our situation with a common saying:


A child walking on the road with gold in their arms will turn anyone they meet into a devil; Wei Tuo stood next to him with a pestle in hand, and the demons became saints one by one.


Weituo is the Dharma Protector Vajra found in every temple, usually standing behind the smiling Maitreya Buddha. When you enter the temple, you will see Laughing Maitreya in front of you, and when you turn back, you will see him. Maitreya is laughing and preaching to you. If you don't listen, then he will hold the Demon Subduing pestle and preach to you. We hold countless pieces of gold in our arms. If you don't have a demonic pestle in your hand, then the circle of things around you, whether it's Russia, Mongolia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Myanmar, India, Nepal, various Stans, without a fuel-efficient lamp, everyone can turn into a devil, everyone wants to bite you a few times.


China can only be strong, China must be strong, because China has too many good things. If China is strong, they can only indulge in lust. If China is not strong, they will have to take action to seize it.


From a historical perspective, their delusions also have certain historical reasons.


Some netizens even said that Vietnamese people are right to say that Guangdong and Guangxi belong to them. Because Guangdong and Guangxi belong to Vietnam - the location of the Governor General's Office of the Greater Han Jiaozhou is located in Jiaozhi County! At that time, it also belonged to Jiaozhou.


In other words, it would sound better: Vietnam has been part of Guangdong and Guangxi since ancient times. Belonging to the Great Han Dynasty.


Since it is from Guangdong and Guangxi, then Vietnam is from China! According to modern provincial construction, it should be renamed Guangnan Province.


Vietnam really likes the word "Guang" and has five provinces, including "Guangnan Province, Guangping Province, Guangyi Province, Guangning Province, and Guangzhi Province". If Vietnam changes its name to Guangnan Province after its return, they should be more satisfied. Annan, Zhennan, and so on have other meanings in them, which is not good for a child who has been away from home for many years and returned.


Some areas of the Governor General's Office in Jiaozhou, Dahan:


【 Jiaozhi County 】 Zhilongbian (now northwest of Hanoi, Vietnam) has jurisdiction over: Longbian, Wanghai, Xiyu, Fengxi, Goulou,? Ling, Ying?, Beidai, Quyang, Jixu, Ding'an.


【 Jiuzhen County 】 Under the jurisdiction of Xupu (now northwest of Qinghua in Vietnam): Xupu, residing in the style, without organization, without merit, and with Xianhuan.


Under the jurisdiction of Xijuan (now Guangzhi, Vietnam), there are Xijuan, Lurong, Zhuwu, Bijing, and Xianglin (now Anxinan, the capital of Guangnan Province, Vietnam).


Sunan County (Vietnamese: Qu ậ n Nh ậ t Nam) is an ancient administrative division in China. The region is located in the central region of present-day Vietnam, in Xijuan County (present-day Donghe City, Guangzhi Province, Vietnam). In the sixth year of the Yuanding reign of Emperor Wu of Han (111 BC), a county was established, covering the area south of Hengshan in Vietnam to the north of Pingding Province. Today, areas such as Huhua and Danang are all within the scope of Ri'nan County.

日南郡(越南语:Quận Nhật Nam),中国古代行政区划。地域在今越南中部地区,治西卷县(今越南广治省东河市)。汉武帝元鼎六年(公元前111年)设郡,辖地包括越南横山以南到平定省以北这一带地区,现今的顺化、岘港等地都在日南郡的范围内。

Lingnan Road of the Tang Dynasty, Jiaozhou Governor's Office, and Annan City Protectorate. As one of the six important capital protectorates of the Tang Dynasty, Annan City Protectorate was the main organization responsible for managing and governing the Jiaozhou region and the southern border areas, and was under the jurisdiction of Lingnan Road.


In the fifth year of Wude (622 AD), the Tang Dynasty government established the Jiaozhou Governor's Office. In the seventh year of the Wude reign (624 AD), the Jiaozhou Governor's Office was renamed as the Jiaozhou Governor's Office. In the first year of Zhenguan (627 AD), the Governor's Office of Jiaozhou was under the jurisdiction of Lingnan Road.


In the first year of the Diaolu reign (679 AD), the Governor's Office of Jiaozhou was reorganized into the Governor's Office of Annan, making it one of the five Lingnan officials. The capital is located in Songping County (now Hanoi, Vietnam). The jurisdiction extends north to the present-day Nanpan River in Yunnan, south to the provincial boundaries of Hejing and Guangping in Vietnam, east to Guangxi Napo, Jingxi, and some areas of Longzhou, Ningming, Fangcheng, and Dongxing, and west to the border between the Red River and Black River in Vietnam. The governor of Jiaozhou concurrently serves as the governor—— Tang Dynasty Annam Capital Protectorate



In fact, Vietnam has very good conditions for development. Its strategic position is extremely important. It has a broad coastline, backs to Southeast Asia, adjoins China, and faces Japan and South Korea. It is one of the best developed countries in modern trade. At the same time, Vietnam has a large population, rich labor force, and superior demographic dividend, but it has ambitions to achieve and lose. In recent years, Vietnam has been closely linked with the United States and Russia, Using one's own geographical advantage to leverage the game of major powers, with the intention of setting obstacles for China and attempting to gain a share in the struggle between major powers, but often facing difficulties in confrontation with China, one often suffers from the consequences.