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中国网友Frye Jiang的回答

"Wandering Earth 2" is a science fiction film full of Chinese spirit and telling Chinese romantic stories. The international discourse in the new century is firmly in the hands of European and American countries. These countries spread their understanding of the world and try to cover the cultures of other countries with cultural hegemony.


But Wandering Earth II expresses the following Chinese views to the world:


A hero is never someone, but each of us.


We can always see in American Hollywood movies that the world is suffering from the crisis of extinction, and movies tell us that there is only one way to save the world. The United States government only sent a team to solve the world extinction crisis. In the end, it often depends on one person, who is the hero that the film wants to portray.


Among the wandering earth, UEG (United Earth Government) put forward hundreds of self-help plans in total, and finally verified the following four plans: the plan to move mountains (China, to promote the earth to escape from the sun), the ark (the United States, to build a space station to escape from the sun), driving the moon (Russia, to move to the moon, to promote the earth to escape from the sun), and digital life (India, to digitize consciousness to escape reality).


In the task of restarting the Internet, the three network centers have sent several backup teams to complete the task.


Throughout the film and in all the plans, we can hear the languages of different countries. Although this is a film with three Chinese protagonists, we can still see the efforts of the United States, Russia and other countries occupying an important position, such as Russians in space and Americans in basic science.


The world belongs to mankind, not a country.


In European and American movies, we can always see such a story template: a non-white or non-European and American nation was oppressed by a tyrant, a white man came here, a minority of black people, they converted to European and American culture, and led the local people to fight against the tyrant. They finally won independence and freedom. At the same time, a woman with high local ethnic status often falls in love with the white protagonist.


These films seem to convey the idea of equality, but only the equality led by white people. The white man is the chosen savior. The world is waiting for the white man to save it. No matter how you explain it, this is how these movies bring Chinese people's feelings.


But in this Chinese story, what saves the world is China's engineering capability, the United States' computer technology, Russia's space technology, and the efforts of all countries in the world, no matter how big or small. Each of us is inseparable from each other, and our destiny is closely linked.


At this point, this is a long enough answer. To be honest, it has nothing to do with the quality of the film. Of course, the quality of this film is also very good. This is mainly about China's attitude expressed in the film. This attitude is not the mainstream attitude of European and American films, which may cause controversy. So I will stop here.


In short, the above voices also reflect the continuous progress of China's power in recent years. There will continue to be such voices in China, and China will also question this attitude. But the success of this film in the Chinese market shows that this is the collective attitude of the Chinese people and the connotation of Chinese culture.



The Wandering Earth 2 is a very good film that takes a leap forward for Chinese science fiction films and is more realistic than the first one.


This kind of movie is no worse than Interstellar. It not only marks the establishment of the industrialization system of Chinese science fiction films, but also represents the essence of the Chinese people's feelings of home and country and the thought of the community of human destiny.


It was like the history of the future and I was really immersed in it. All the art design was very thoughtful, such as a two-second space elevator shot in the feature film, which took two years from design to completion.


For a hard sci-fi fan like me, this movie is the real "Hollywood blockbuster" and, to be honest, it does have a certain threshold.


I like Liu Cixin's works, I have read every one of his works, he represents China's hard science fiction, every work has this profound connotation. To put his works on the screen, I don't think the novel is not good enough, but the film is as good as the novel!



With the theme of the common destiny of mankind, the film shows a Chinese-style mode of thinking and a Chinese-style romantic ending, which is different from the presentation of traditional Hollywood science fiction films and reflects different values. Individual heroism is always admired and worshipped, and the spirit of sacrifice and collectivism are more moving and encouraging. Kindness, courage and sacrifice are human nature, belong to all human civilizations and transcend politics and national boundaries.


The film brings you thinking about human civilization and the future, and promotes the subjective consciousness of the community of human destiny, which should be regarded as the political idea that human nature transcends national boundaries. Generally speaking, the script of this super-long film is epic, and its macro structure and details are impressive. What is particularly worth thinking about is the dialogue between Moss and Andy Lau at the end of the film. What really brings disaster (or immortality) to mankind is artificial intelligence! The future of human civilization depends on human choice.


In the vast universe, can mankind and human civilization continue? How to continue? Human beings come from the void and return to the void. What is the significance of civilization without human beings? If mankind is the creator's pet, how should we cherish and maintain the short human civilization.



Wandering Earth 2 is the best science fiction film in China and one of the best science fiction films in the world. Whether it is the plot, special effects or the values expressed in the film, it is very good. Many of the views expressed in this film are different from those in Hollywood science fiction films, and are unique in science fiction films.


First of all, in this film, it is not like a country (usually the United States) in Hollywood movies that saved the world, but countries and people of all countries unite to save the world. Therefore, in the film, you can see people from China, the United States, Russia, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and other countries fighting side by side, regardless of gender, religion or color, just to save our planet. This is also in line with the concept of "a community with a shared future for mankind" advocated by the Chinese government today, that is, to unite all countries in the world.


Second, unlike the western "individualism", this film is full of collectivism, and people are the creators of history. In Hollywood movies, there are often only a few protagonists who save the world, but in this movie, there are no lonely heroes. Every crisis is solved with the efforts of everyone. When you are fighting, there will always be someone who will fight before you. When you are ready to sacrifice, someone will sacrifice before you. When you succeed, someone will succeed before you. In the words of the film, this is called "saturation rescue". This is a completely different value from the West. The concept of collectivism in Wandering Earth 2 is unique in world science fiction films.


In addition, the film's response to the solar "Helium Flash" crisis is very similar to that of today's human response to Covid-2019; The imagination of artificial intelligence, aerospace technology, robots and advanced equipment in this film is also very exciting. Some plots of this film pay homage to many classic science fiction films, such as 2001: Space Odyssey, Star Trek, Guide to the Galaxy Odyssey, Waste Distribution Elevator - Earth, and so on. This film belongs to both China and the world, and is worth watching.


Below is my review of the first film of Wandering Earth:


My basic comment on "Wandering Earth" is that there are still many shortcomings in many aspects, such as the emotional performance of the characters, the atmosphere and the rationality of the plot, but this is a good science fiction film. If people say that this film has opened a new era of Chinese science fiction films, I think it can afford it. However, this is a very good film. It allows us to understand China and can reflect China's traditional culture and ideology. I think everyone who cares about the future development should look at it, because China will definitely be in the future. More and more impacts.


Today, I read an article about Wandering the Earth. As a scholar who has studied Chinese history, culture and ideology for a long time, I think this article is well written, especially the following points. The evaluation of this article is very objective, which is very helpful for us to understand the thoughts of the Chinese people. So I changed it and translated it. You may see other problems about wandering the earth. In addition, I need to emphasize that I have no intention of belittling any civilization, but in my opinion, many people are confused about the ancient and mysterious Chinese civilization. "Wandering the Earth" is a very good film that can reflect the values of Chinese people, so I analyzed it.


1: There is strong Chinese culture here.

1: 这里有浓厚的中国文化。

In addition to the brain-washing "Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission reminds you that there are thousands of roads, and the first one is safe...", there are countless unforgettable details of "Wandering Earth".


Today, some careful viewers found a moving detail. At the end of the film, the order of the rescue team is the same as the order of the international rescue team arriving at the Wenchuan earthquake:


The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Coast Guard sent an international emergency rescue team consisting of 31 members to Chengdu at 21:30 on May 15. This is the first foreign professional rescue team to arrive in the earthquake-stricken area after the Wenchuan earthquake. The Russian national emergency rescue team arrived in China on May 16 last year. At 14:00 on the 17th, the rescue team rescued a survivor from Dujiangyan Family Hospital. A 41-member rescue team arrived in Sichuan on May 16 and launched a search in Changhua Town, Shibu City.


The Singapore rescue team arrived in the disaster area of Hongbai Town, Shibu, Sichuan on the morning of May 17. The medical team is composed of 55 members of the Singapore Civil Defence Force. The Cuban rescue team, composed of 35 medical personnel, arrived in Chengdu on the evening of May 23. This is the longest international medical team in China. The Italian medical team has built five large medical tents in Mianzhu. The medical team, consisting of 25 medical staff and a German medical team, is camping in Dujiangyan, a mobile general hospital that can meet the daily needs of 250000 people.


When the Wenchuan earthquake occurred in 2008, dozens of countries sent rescue teams to the disaster areas. This is a devastating disaster. In the face of this disaster, these countries are the first to lend a helping hand.


The first to arrive was the Japanese rescue team.


Japan and China, two countries with thousands of years of history, are also the first to lend a helping hand when disasters come. What makes people feel deeply is that "brothers crossing the waves hate each other too late"


In this film, the Russian is also a good partner of the protagonist, and finally sacrificed himself to ensure that the protagonist successfully completed the task.


Then there is South Korea, which is the third country to reach the disaster area. In the film, South Koreans also play an important role in the final mission.


China is a grateful nation, and the Chinese nation will be remembered by others.


The staff used this touching detail to recall the international rescue team in the Wenchuan earthquake in 2008.


2: Change the stereotype that the Russians have been acting as villains in Hollywood movies

2: 一改俄罗斯人一直在好莱坞电影中充当反派的这种刻板印象

Film is the carrier of cultural output. Information technology bears the function of expressing the values and world outlook of a country or nation.


In Hollywood, Russians have been subject to strict censorship. When you recall the image of Russians in Hollywood blockbusters in the past, it is generally as follows:


XXX story: Russia has undergone a upheaval, and the rebels control nuclear bombs to destroy all mankind;


Russia has lost a nuclear bomb, and terrorists want to destroy all mankind;


XXXX: A Russian missile exploded a satellite, causing damage to the International Space Station and a series of other international space stations.


In the Hollywood model, Russia is a haven for villains, a haven for mafia, a source of chaos in the international order, and a threat to the security of all mankind.


The Chinese are fed up with this discriminatory setting.


Therefore, in "Wandering Earth", the Russians are set as firm partners and heroes, who sacrifice themselves to save the protagonist at the critical moment.


In addition, the Chinese and the Russians both advocate the spirit of collective heroism and sacrifice themselves to save the collective survival.


So when Makarov pushed Wu Jing out, he was frozen to death in the vast space.


At that moment, it returned to the old era of "advance, comrades, in order to win" and "Moscow is behind us, and we cannot retreat".


No matter how many conflicts there have been before, the setting of the alliance cannot be affected. Therefore, this is a good turning point for the Russians on this "wandering earth".